Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Review of Monkpeh Karr’s Inquiry on Minister Bropleh
Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei

One Monkpeh Karr declared that he was taken aback by recent statements made by the Minister of Information regarding religious tolerance in Liberia . My intentions here are not to deal with Karr, whether he (considering him a male) exists in person or not, but I do know that someone somewhere has exposed his limitations by distorting the Minister’s statements regarding religious tolerance in Liberia by parochial interpretations. Whether it is poor comprehension or intentional distortion, my focus here is to interpret the issue, and to some extent push logic into his head.

Karr claims that something is puzzling simply because he does not understand the matters at bar, mainly issues concerning peace, democracy and the desires for genuine reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in Liberia . Minister Bropleh, also a Methodist Cleric, had just decided to be consistent with principles, and not to give blind eyes to the reality as many Liberians could choose to do. His speeches and actions are all in the collective interest of genuine peace and mutual coexistence. Only few individuals who profess to be ‘Men of God’ and anxious to create impressions can challenge his ideas. I don’t know whether Karr is one, but the facts are obvious.

On a general theme, the Minister has continuously argued that if Liberia will be peaceful and if democracy will be exercised, it is prudent to observe and respect the values of others in the country who are not Christians. As such, as a broad-minded man, he proposed that Muslims should be given a Holiday on any of their religious Festivals. If this can not be done, then Christian Holidays should be nullified in order to live up to the doctrine of ‘Separation of State and Religion’ as provided for in Article 14 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia. Other countries are doing the same, and their people are proud to live together with honorable reverence for each other. Our neighbors including Sierra Leone and Guinea are fine testimonies of harmonious religious coexistence. It is a pity that people will continue to use strictures and ousted condemnations of the true defenders of the truth.

Karr inquired whether the Minister is denying the faith of Jesus Christ. For those of us who understand social interactions and promote unity, we can only say that inasmuch as the Minister remains a Devotee of Christ, he uphold the values and rights of his neighbors with high veneration. On his second inquiry concerning the Minister’s Statesmanship and Being, one can succinctly states that the Minister’s statesmanship is imbedded within his being and that all outputs whether divine or political represents his ‘Being’ which is an ideal amalgamation his intellect and beliefs.

In his conclusion, Karr declared that the Minister’s day are drawings to an end, in a tone that is only indicative of a sage or a close ally to the President, or to some degree an Angel. Does Karr know when he would loss his job or when he will be recalled by his Creator? It is unfortunate and preposterous to negatively interpret the future of another person

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